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Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders of International Asset Bank AD

Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders of International Asset Bank AD


On March 28, 2019, a regular annual meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders of International Asset Bank AD took place and several important decisions were taken:

• adoption of the annual activity report and approval of the audited financial statements;

• transferring all the profit for the previous year in the Reserve Fund as support for the further development of the institution.


Despite the dynamic economic environment and the many challenges, International Asset Bank closed successfully year 2018, with a positive financial result of BGN 11,345,000 and the profit after taxes for the period amounted to BGN 10,369,000. The total balance sheet assets managed by the financial institution at the end of the previous year reached BGN 1 438 893 thousand, which consistently confirms the upward trend from previous years and represents an increase of nearly 5% compared to the same period in 2017. Following its strategy for a consistent, but continued growth, the Bank has attracted new customers, widened its product portfolio, improved its product and services financial conditions for priority customer segments and strengthened its market positions. Asset growth alone is an indicator of retained confidence, progress in business development and capacity for future development. The growth of the gross loan portfolio of International Asset Bank AD, formed by clients other than credit institutions, amounting to 9.68%, is also a proof of successful business model. As regards the portfolio structure, the Bank's exposure to the corporate sector, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, is the most significant, with the institution following its traditions throughout the year and continuing to serve this segment successfully. In addition, in the context of strong competition, International Asset Bank managed to increase the volume of loans granted to enterprises as well as to non-bank financial institutions and to individuals.


By developing innovative products and services and relying on quality, combined with the individual approach, the Bank follows a clear management strategy that reaffirms its 2019 goals:

  • keeping the Bank's corporate profile, with priority for small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of active operations, increase of the loan portfolio in line with the pace of economic development, while maintaining high standards for credit risk assessment and management;
  • increasing active operations and expanding revenue generation capacity, focusing on the financing of prospective projects related to EU funds programs, fruitful cooperation with municipal and state structures and offering innovative and flexible financial products and services, fully tailored to the financial needs of customers;
  • diversifying sources of financing and supporting growth with a sustainable and balanced mix of attracted resources from individual, corporate and institutional clients;
  • establishing relations with new partner banks outside the traditional European region, as well as maintaining long-standing ones;
  • expanding the rich assortment of bank cards offered;
  • increasing the number of users of the internet banking platform Asset Online and launching an Asset Mobile application;
  • maintaining adequate liquidity and the necessary preventive levels of buffers and reserves in line with the market environment and regulatory requirements;
  • following a moderately conservative investment strategy;
  • precised development of risk operations, an adequate evaluation process, capital planning and management;
  • improvement of the Bank's technical, technological and software security and system security.