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Automatic periodic transfers

Automatic periodic transfers

The Automatic periodic transfer service enables you to order execution of all of your future payments, for which you are aware in advance precisely when, how much and whom you must pay. The Bank monitors instead of you the timely payment of your fixed liabilities and automatically deducts the amount owed by you from your account at the moment of payment. Your only duty is to ensure sufficient funds in order to perform all automatic transfers, requested by you. You will be able to change the payment terms – amount, payment interval, date, recipient’s account at any time.


The service is available to all clients, both Bulgarian and foreign citizens, who have a current/card account and who are making periodic transfers of one and the same amount to their own or to other accounts.

  • Easy – by one-time registration;
  • Convenient – you do not need to visit the Bank and therefore save of valuable time;
  • Reliable – you do not miss any deadlines and payments;
  • Cost-effective – you benefit from lower costs than the standard transfers in local currency.
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