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Trading with precious metals

Trading with precious metals

International Asset Bank AD offers to its clients investment into precious metals which as real assets have the primary function of storing value over time, but at the same time are also:

  • More liquid in comparison to other non-monetary assets;
  • Diversified in regard to the methods of saving;
  • Universally recognised and accepted worldwide;
  • Hedging the impact of macroeconomic and geo-political risks;
  • Resistant to breakdown, destruction or other external impacts;
  • Widely used not only for jewellery but in many other industries as well

International Asset Bank AD keeps a wide variety of gold and silver coins and limited circulation special issues, thematic sets and collector series. By request of clients orders are accepted for different sizes of bullions and coins, the prices of which are in conformity with the current quotations at the London Metals Exchange.

The products purchased may be used for storage of personal wealth, supplementing collections and as gifts on special occasions.

The authenticity of all objects of precious metals is guaranteed by certificates from the respective mint and a serial number, in the instances of limited circulation.

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