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International Asset Bank AD shall open and service all types of bank accounts, according to Art. 6 of Ordinance No 3of the BNB of 18 April 2018 on the Terms and Procedure for Opening Payment Accounts, Executing Payment Transactions and Using Payment Instruments.


INTERNATIONAL ASSET BANK AD establishes business relationships with its customers in an absolutely fair manner, based on a mutual trust, free and open communication and conformity with the transparency requirements. Our Bank’s core principles in establishing such relationships are excellent knowing of its customers – legal entities and their activity, as well as full compliance with the legal requirements, including those for prevention of money laundering and in the field of taxation.


Herewith, we do underline that, INTERNATIONAL ASSET BANK AD is aiming to establish and maintain relations mainly with residents. The Bank is pursuing an extremely conservative policy and is conducting expanded analysis and assessment in the process of a payment account opening for non-resident entities (including Bulgarian entities with a foreign ownership) and especially to foreign legal entities registered outside EU, EEA and USA, in particular those registered in jurisdictions with a preferential tax regimes (off-shore zones).


To open a bank account, the following documents need to be presented:


For Individuals:

  1. ID document;
  2. Residence permit (for stay in the country over 3 months);
  3. Notary verified power of attorney enlisting the individuals, authorized to dispose with the account (if any);
  4. ID document of the authorized person /s (if any);
  5. Documents relating to the tax status of customer (FATCA, DAC, etc.).


For legal entities:

  1. Certificate for the up-to date legal status of the company;
  2. Article of Association of the company;
  3. ID document of the legal representative /s;
  4. Notary verified power of attorney of the legal representative (s), authorizing another person /s to represent the company before the bank, incl. their rights;
  5. ID document of the authorized person /s;
  6. Identification number under Register BULSTAT (if applicable);
  7. Authorization, registration or license for the business activity (if it subject to authorization);
  8. Documents relating to the tax status of customer (FATCA, DAC2, etc.).


All official documents must be translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator (if legal assistance treaty between Bulgaria and the State is present) or must be properly authenticated or certified "Apostille" (in country that has ratified the Hague Convention).


* For legal entities listed in the Trade Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities to the Registry Agency only information about the UIC of the company is required.

** Depending on the type of customer and product used, the bank reserves the right to request additional documents.





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