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Prevention of attempted fraud notification

Prevention of attempted fraud notification

Dear customers,


Recently the public space has been abundant with information about attempted fraud by means of e-mails from malicious senders pretending to act on behalf of financial institutions. In this regard, and in order to protect yourselves against such fraud, we would like to inform you that International Asset Bank AD has not sent, is not sending and will not send unsolicited electronic communications inviting you to open attached files or web resources (links) where you have to enter your credentials (username and password, card number, etc.) or other personal information.


Since it is extremely important to be able to recognize fraudulent messages, we would like to emphasize that should you receive an unexpected electronic message on behalf of the Bank or another institution, which does not contain employee’s signature, or if there is a signature but of a person whom you have not contacted, and the message has an attachment or link you are invited to open - then this is an attempted fraud.


In this case, DO NOT respond to the message and DO NOT open the attachments or links contained in the text,and if you have done so or even just want to verify the origin of the message, if it concerns International Asset Bank AD, please contact a representative of the Bank at 0800 12 422 or at speed dial number *2422.


In conclusion, we encourage you to be vigilant and cautious when using your e-mail and accessing Internet resources.


Yours sincerely,

International Asset Bank AD