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Notification for а change in preferential terms

Notification for а change in preferential terms

 Dear customers,


We hereby notify you that as of 1st of March, 2019 the following preferential terms for bank products are waived:


  • Preferential terms related to debit cards Paypass for physical and legal entities (Debit MasterCard PayPass и Business Debit MasterCard PayPass)


-       Upon making 25 ​​contactless transactions, the fee for ATM withdrawals from other banks in the country is BGN 0.00 for the next 25 weeks or until the expiration of the card;

-       Each client witha term deposit (except for Asset Childhood), each customer receives a bonus - BGN 0.25 lower monthly maintenance fee for card account.


  •  Preferential terms related to term deposit “Asset 25”


 -      Free of charge issuing a debit card with chipand 25% discount from monthly maintenance fee + possibility for SMS notification;

-       25% discount from the initial fee for subscription for “Asset Electronic utility bills”;

-       25% discount from basic price of for vehicle and property insurance in ASSET Insurance with the promotional products “Каско 5x5” и „Имущество 25“.


From the management of International Asset Bank AD