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Mastercard has increased the limit for contactless payments without entering a PIN

Mastercard has increased the limit for contactless payments without entering a PIN

The international card organization Masterard has increased the contactless payment limit in Bulgaria with PIN verification from BGN 25 to BGN 50. As a result of this change, clients of International Asset Bank AD who hold a Debit Mastercard Contactless, Mastercard Standard Contactless or Mastercard Gold Contactless as well as Debit Mastercard Business Contactless and Mastercard Business Contactlesswill be able to take advantage of the convenience of paying easier and faster for their most common purchases without having to enter a PIN. In addition  the security of transactions will be increased as the authorizations will be done in real time


Contactless payments are increasingly accepted all over the world in shops, fast food restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, vending machines, taxis, mass transport vehicles, cultural and historical sites, and more. According to the data of the card organizations, in Bulgaria most often is paid without a card contact in supermarkets (77%), retail chains (68%), petrol stations (41%) and restaurants / cafes (21%), with an average transaction value of BGN 58. This type of payments are completely secure because the card never leaves the customer's hand, and encryption, unique to each purchase, protects the data and reduces the risk of illegal operations.


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