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MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode

The new service MasterCard SecureCode enables International Asset Bank AD cardholders to initiate secure payments when shopping online. This new service has been developed together with the multinational card organization MasterCard Worldwide and the national cards payment provider BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD. This is a free additional security service which has been applied to all cards issued by the Bank.

MasterCard SecureCode is an internationally recognized standard with additional identification of MasterCard cardholders, when initiating online purchases. This standard enables the clients to protect their cards from fraud and unauthorized access when shopping online by requesting a personal code (SecureCode). International Asset Bank AD cardholders can register by either using an ATM machine from the BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD network, which supports the service or when shopping online from an authorized MasterCard SecureCode merchant. Once registered, the personal password will be recognized by each online merchant, certified by MasterCard SecureCode. The service does not require any additional software and can be used by every computer with an Internet connection. In cases of purchasing from online merchants that do not support MasterCard SecureCode service, the initiated transactions follow the standard procedure: entering a card number, date of expiry, name and CVC code, without the additional step of entering the SecureCode.
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