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Consumer loan Asset Golden age

Consumer loan Asset Golden age

  • No need to justify the purpose of the loan;
  • Without application fee;
  • Competitive interest rate levels;
  • Free issuance of international contactless Debit MasterCard PayPass and option to sign up for SMS notification and Asset electronic utility bills;
  • Free activation of the online banking service - Asset Online.

Consumer loan for pensioners is provided for purpose of finance current needs, purchases of household goods, furniture, repair, refinancing and others.


The loan is granted to pensioners with a current pension decision from the respective territorial division of the National Social Security Institute for the amount of the pension.

  • Loan amount: up to BGN 5 000;
  • Currency: BGN;
  • Repayment term – up to 60 months;
  • Repayment mode - annuity monthly instalments;
  • Collateral:

          - Pledge of receivable on a bank account, in which the income from a pension is transferred

          - Direct debit consent from all accounts in the bank


  • Reqirement of a valid life insurance policy


  • Annual interest rate - RIR + 10.45 p. p. for the rest of the period;
  • Fees and commissions:

          - For credit analysis - 15 BGN;

          - Monthly maintance fee for a current account  - 2 BGN.


The APR is 12, 23 % for a loan of BGN 5 000, floating interest rate 10,66%, based on RIR + 10,00%, for a term 120 months. Monthly annuity installments amounting to107,87 BGN. Total due amount: 6 606, 97 BGN. The value of RIR as of 01.01.2019 is 0.21%.  

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